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Fact: 80% of people above the age of 55 are estimated to have cholesterol levels above those recommended because of the build-up of plaque over time. Safely Dissolve Plaque & Clear Your Miles of Arteries.
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Safely Dissolve Plaque & Clear Your Miles of Arteries

Fact: 80% of people above the age of 55 are estimated to have cholesterol levels above those recommended because of the build-up of plaque over time

Chelation Will Benefit You If You Suffer From:
• Alzheimer’s
• Angina                    
• Arteriosclerosis  
• Arthritis   
• Impotence
• Osteoporosis
• Poor circulation  
• Shortness of breath

Hardening and narrowing of arteries with restriction of blood flow is an inevitability of life. However it does not have to be so severe that you suffer high blood pressure, angina, and shortness of breath, restricted arterial flow, poor circulation, sexual dysfunction & other symptoms of blocked or constricted arteries.

There is a simple therapy that can now be done in the comfort of your own home to reduce these consequences of arteriosclerosis, that the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) advises...“this therapy has been safely used & effectively utilised by physicians throughout the US and hundreds of thousands of patients have received demonstratable benefit from it. It consistently improves blood flow and relieves symptoms associated with the disease in greater than 80% of the patients treated”.

What is Chelation Therapy?
It is called EDTA Chelation Therapy. EDTA (Ethylene - diamine - tetra - acetic - acid) is an amino-acid like molecule that when slowly infused into the blood stream, chelates (or binds) with minerals such as calcium, copper, iron and lead and carries them to the kidneys where they are excreted. Removal of these minerals and plaque obviously has many health benefits from lowering blood pressure, improving blood (and oxygen) flow, to improving arterial flexibility and overall nutrient transfer around the body - vital for overall health.

EDTA Chelation Therapy...
• Removes abnormal deposits of metals such as copper, lead, iron, cadmium, aluminium, mercury and other toxic metals.
• Lowers blood calcium / stimulates parathormone which removes abnormal calcium deposits from arteries whilst re-depositing it in bones to reduce osteoporosis.
• Reduces the tendency of platelets to coagulate reducing the risk of thrombosis or clotting which blocks coronary arteries during a heart attack.
• Stimulates the enlargement of small vessels causing circulation around a blockage resulting in capillary bypass.
• Strengthens and improves the integrity of cellular and mitochondrial membranes.

Four capsules per day are recommended and can be required for up to twelve months in severe cases of arteriosclerosis (and always a minimum of three months). Thereafter reduced doses of 1-2 capsules are advised to be taken daily.

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